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TABS IPMS is a powerful procurement system with the capability to devolve the day to day purchasing activities to users and managers.

Supply Chain and Procurement Management is about meeting customer requirements more cost effectively through the integration of the buyers and suppliers processes. This is typically achieved by implementing and establishing procedures resulting in obtaining the right product at the right quality, at the right price and at the right time.

IPMS helps you to do that.

Order Fulfilment, Supplier and Product Management are fundamental requirements for value to be created. Best practice which meets the needs of the business and the buyer saves both time and money.

IPMS helps you to do that.

The impact and contribution that strategically focussed procurement can make cannot be underestimated. Even with current moves towards outsourcing and partnership buying, it would be wrong to lose sight of the fact that the vast majority of companies still use traditional buying methods.

IPMS helps you to do that.

Traditional buying methods do not involve the relationships which are necessary with outsourcing and partnerships. The competitive negotiation and tactical skills needed to deal with suppliers are still a vital necessity.

IPMS helps you to do just that

TABS professionalism and expertise in the field of procurement makes IPMS the logical choice for the enlightened, forward-looking company.

Integrated Procurement Management System


Integrated Management Solutions Include:

System Features Include:

  • Windows 95/98/2000 and NT compatible
  • NT and UNIX Client Server
  • Open Architecture
  • ODBC Capability
  • SQL - Server
  • Multi Company
  • Multi Currency (Euro Enabled)
  • Transaction History Retained
  • Drill Down Facilities
  • Multiple Enquiry Screens
  • Menus, Screens and Fields configured to meet your needs
  • Bespoke Systems and customisation


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