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IPMS - Stock Control & Warehousing - Purchase Ordering - Requisitioning - Catalogue Management - Tenders and Quotations - Asset Management - Budgets and Commitments - Invoice Matching - Access Authorities  

IPMS - Requisitions

The following outlines some of the main features available within the Requisitioning functions of IPMS.


This function enables users, with the assistance through the Catalogue Management function, to assemble all the information required for the requisitioning of goods and services.

The facilities include:-

Create and Amend Requisitions

System validation of Account Code, Budget and Authority

Flexible requisition format with:-

Automatic or manual allocation of requisition number

Extensive text facilities to add further notes on special requirements and instructions

Analysis of Suppliers performance and quality achievement

Full tracking of requisition through all stages of delivery and acceptance

Flexible format for reports

Authority controls on value limitations


Enables requisitioners or buyers to have ready access to product and supplier databases.

Simplifies enquiries by using text search or item code (e.g. NSV) on product databases or imported electronic catalogues.

System allows restrictive access according to user authorisation.

Identifies whether items available from stock, call-off contract, framework agreement etc.

Can show all and/or preferred suppliers.

On-line stock availability

Control on soft and firm commitments, in addition to actual and budgeted expenditures.

Enquire on suppliers for any given product/service including:-

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