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TABS Sales Administration:

Sales Ledger

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 Flexible coding structure, allowing 10 character alpha-numeric code as standard.

 Links between price matrix and Stock module allowing unlimited customer categories/stock pricing groups/quantity breaks/invoice value/stock units.

 Invoicing and Credit Note facilities include:-

  • Immediate invoice printing
  • Due date, prompt payment and overdue date fields with auto/manual calculation.
  • Multiple despatch capability, with alternative delivery addresses.
  • Narrative facility available by line item for easy identification in Nominal Ledger.

 Invoice Posting:-

  • Forward posting facility.
  • Enquiries/account amendments and additions during posting
  • Cost of Sales recorded by line item

 Comprehensive cash posting and matching routines for both individual and multiple invoice payments.

 Credit Control facilities include:-

  • Full statement reporting
  • Credit limits with account stop facility
  • Full debtor analysis

 Extensive customer history facilities allow the user to investigate transactions by invoice or line detail, job or order number and sales account.

 Standard reports include:-

  • Aged debtor analysis
  • Turnover reports for monthly/YTD for customer, product area
  • Profitability reports for turnover on the above.

Sales Order Processing

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 Comprehensive Order entry functionality includes:-

  • Add a new customer account.
  • Automatic Order numbering using an unlimited number of different sequences.
  • Creation of a works order number.
  • The ability to amend prices, discounts and standard costs by line.
  • Utilisation of the stock price matrix and units from Sales Ledger and Stock module.
  • The ability to create forward orders into any period.
  • Unlimited number of alternative delivery addresses per customer.

 Up to 10 character alpha-numeric order number.

 Automatic credit validation warnings during order entry, in addition to a hold facility.

 A comprehensive document management facility allows for the printing of order acknowledgements, picking lists, delivery notes and invoices, individually or in batches.

 Full integration with the TABS Stock Control module allows enquiry by:-

  • Customer.
  • Order number.
  • Stock parts.
  • Due dates.

 Extensive reporting includes:-

  • Outstanding orders summary or detail.
  • Status of any outstanding orders.
  • Total order history.

TABS Purchase Administration:

Purchase Ledger

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 Flexible coding structure, allowing 10 character alpha-numeric code as standard.

 Full supplier invoice and credit note functionality, including:-

  • Due date, prompt payment discount and overdue date fields with auto/manual calculation.
  • Hold and recall facility.

 Supplier invoice posting, featuring:-

  • Forward posting facility
  • Narrative facility available by line item for ease of identification in Nominal Ledger.

 Additional facilities when linked to Purchase Order Processing, include:-

  • The ability to match lines of an invoice from purchase orders by order number.
  • Matching of multiple orders to individual invoice and matching by GRN.
  • Provision of additional items, e.g. carriage.

 The flexible cash posting facility, includes:-

  • Comprehensive matching routines.
  • Quick cash posting/matching routines.
  • Proposed payment report.
  • Manual payments.
  • Auto pay full or selective with account and transaction hold.
  • Remittance advices.
  • Cheque/Giro credit printing and remittance label printing.

 Autopay by due date and/or prompt pay discounts, where appropriate.

 Extensive supplier history facilities allow the user to investigate transactions by invoice or line detail, order number, purchase account and buyer.

 Comprehensive standard reports allow for:-

  • Analysis of purchases Month/YTD for supplier (number or name), supplier group, product, currency.
  • Aged creditors analysis.
  • Forecast cash requirements.
  • Audit trails.
  • List of suppliers, label printing

Purchase Order Processing

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 Purchase order structure to fit your own company format.

 Caters for numerous order formats including Goods, Service, or a mixture on one purchase order.

 Allows receipt of goods and services against the original order, identifying shortages, etc.

 Reports on orders including:-

  • Orders placed
  • Outstanding but not delivered.
  • Delivered but not accepted.
  • Accepted but not paid.

 Product management combines with supplier database to store details of pricing, lead time and supplier database.

 Facility for complex supplier discount structures.

 Allows multiple number of suppliers for any product.

 Unlimited number of products for any supplier.

 Information can be automatically updated as each new order is entered for a supplier.

Stock Control

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 16 character flexible coding structure plus 2 character warehouse ID.

 Valuation options include FIFO, Average and Standard Costing.

 Movement control includes:-

  • Full movement tracking and multiple stock locations e.g. free issue, repair etc.

 Warehouse facilities include:-

  • Multiple warehouse with stock at each location.
  • Inter-warehouse transactions.
  • Repeat part facility.
  • Bin locations.

 Stock controls include min/max and re-order levels, predicted usage, re-order quantity and unit of measure conversion.

 Ability to allow issues and receipts of stock in different units of measure.

 Caters for comprehensive pricing options such as:-

  • Multiple price fields.
  • Powerful price matrix.
  • Quantity breaks.
  • Stock units.
  • Customer groups.

 Stock taking support includes:

  • Perpetual stocktaking.
  • Stock-take preparation routines.
  • Stock-take sheets and variance reports.
  • Stock-take by groups/bin locations.

 Standard reports include:-

  • Valuation/movements/balances.
  • Recommended re-orders.
  • Stock cards.

 Memo pad facility to retain notes on any transactions.

 Assembly and Bills of Materials.

  • Builds to cater for 10 levels of assembly.
  • Lead times to build catered for.
  • Labour and machine time facilities.
  • Kit lists and replacement items facility.

Nominal Ledger

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 Comprehensive linkages to other modules within the suite for automatic journals.

 Flexible coding structure, 4 part code up to 20 characters.

 Unlimited cost centres, expense types and project codes.

 320 posting periods, with any number open or closed at a given time.

 Cost centres can be restricted and approval required before updating the ledger.

 Centralised cash posting from all ledgers.

 Full reconciliation control including bank statement reconciliation.

 VAT returns, input and output.

 Regular journal facility with options for fixed amounts, reducing amounts and unknown amounts.

 Automatic journal reversals.

 Unique journal numbers, up to 16 character reference with a 30 character description. (In addition to normal memo pad facilities).

 Transactions and account balances over 30 periods, retained for instant retrieval. Data available includes related budget, forecast, and last year's information.

 Budget, forecast and four other budget fields held for each nominal account period.

 Automatic or manual phasing of budgets and forecasts, across time periods, with profiling capability.

 Integration with the ordering and invoicing modules allow commitments of the company business to be enquired upon.

 Standard reports include:-

  • Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • Trial Balance
  • Journal Summary.
  • Full Audit Trails with source code cross reference.
  • Flexible report generator enables tailored reports in any format.

 Reports can show comparative data for budgets, forecasts and prior year.


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 Stand alone functionality, with links to nominal ledger if required.

 Flexible coding structure, including:-

  • Multi-company functionality.
  • An unlimited number of payrolls per company
  • An infinite number of employees per payroll.

 Comprehensive employee records, including:-

  • Personal details.
  • Grading.
  • Length of service.
  • Bank details.
  • In addition the memo pad facility allows for additional recording of non-standard information.
  •  Sophisticated pay element capability, for all employees or groups within the organisation, for payments such as commission, sick pay, overtime etc.

     Comprehensive pay computation structure, allowing for:-

    • An unlimited number of additions/deductions.
    • Any number of pay elements.
    • Each element to be a TAX/NI item.
    • Parameters to be easily changed.
    • Automatic running of the payroll.
    • Reducing balance items (e.g. employee loans) catered for.

     Statutory sick pay functionality includes:-

    • Attendance records.
    • Comprehensive sick pay information maintained.
    • All legal requirements as standard.

     Statutory maternity pay.

     Student loans.

     Tax Credits.

     Automatic printing of various types of documents, including:-

    • Pay slips.
    • P35, P14, P60.
    • Bank Giros.
    • Cheque printing.
    • Giro transfers.

     Variable payroll facilities, including:- Monthly, fortnightly, weekly, hourly, pay etc.

     Comprehensive time sheet entry, with links to job costing, where appropriate.

     Full reporting and analysis functionality, including standard reports such as:-

    • Staff lists.
    • Payroll summary.
    • Analysis of pay variation.
    • Holiday allocation.
  • In addition full analysis by department/grade and for individual periods.
  • Job Costing

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     Full monitoring of costs and revenues for multiple Projects, with valuation for work in progress.

     Full integration with Sales and Purchase ledgers, in addition to Purchase Order Processing Stock and Payroll.

     Comparisons between actual costs to budget including:-

    • Labour classified by category.
    • Multiple material and service types.

     Direct posting of purchase invoice lines and transfers to and from stock.

     Direct input from Employee time sheets or transfer from payroll.

     Sales invoices posted directly to jobs, providing automatic profitability reporting.

     Provision for Cost of Sales to be recorded thereby providing up to date Work in progress calculations.

     Job history maintained, with full audit trail by transaction.

     Start and completion dates to control access to job.

     Purchase Orders recorded against jobs providing valuable financial commitment information.

     Manual posting option for overheads and other ad-hoc costs.

     Memo pads available for storing detailed text.

     12 extra data fields available with ability to rename and re-use as required.

     Standard module reporting includes:-

    • Revenue and cost summaries by project.
    • Expenditure report by cost category.
    • Expenditure to date versus budget and forecast.
    • Work in progress validation.

    System Management & Control:

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    Screen and Menu Designer

     Customise screens and menus for different operations.

     Amend prompts to reflect organisations terminology.

     Switch-off unused questions.

     Add new items.

     Amend size and use of any data item within a screen.

    Report Designer

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     Customise the standard reports.

     Create new reports.

     Ad hoc data selection.

     Ability to copy and amend reports.

     Calculation and sort facilities.

    Security Control

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     User access can be controlled by a group of operators or individual operator.

     Controls can operate at menu level down to individual data element.

     Processing can be restricted by value and process.

     Automatic bar facility after multiple log-in attempts.

     Transaction logging and system recovery facilities.

     Archive and restore options.

     User definable auto log-out when terminal left unused.

     Unauthorised areas can be removed from menus.

     Enforced password review.

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